5 types of things you can buy from Amazon during the lockdown

5 types of things you can buy from Amazon during the lockdown

Coronavirus has disrupted the normal life of the people. The lockdown has been going on for a long time. Whether for work or to live, staying at home has now become mandatory. So people have to fulfill all their desires from home.

Every shop has been closed except for the daily necessities shop. Online companies like Amazon Flipkart have also been shut down. But you may not know that even during this lockdown you can buy a few types of things online.

Take a look at the 5 types of things you can buy from Amazon during this lockdown period. It is not possible to list everything here. So I would request you to go to the original site and see all the items by clicking on the link given below.

Types of things you can buy from Amazon

1. Grocery essentials

Among the Daily essentials the first thing that comes to mind is the groceries. Most people will get groceries from the shops around them. But there are many people who want to stay home during the lockdown. Online shopping is a good option for them. You can find everything you need like tea, coffee, milk to rice, oil, on Amazon.

Look at the list below and choose the thing you need. If you do not find in this list, click on the link below to see all the items.

List of Items

Cooking essentials like Rice, Oil, Ketchup, Ghee etcClick On This Link
Breakfast essentials like Tea, Coffee etcClick On This Link
Snacks items like Cookies, Bhujia etcClick On This Link

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2. Mask and Personal hygiene essentials

Hygiene is something that we all have to follow. Especially in this critical situation, we all have to stay clean. That requires good quality soap, handwash, mask, or hand sanitizer. In many cases, these things are not easily available in nearby shops. As a result, normal people have to face difficulties. So if your home is in a place where online products are easily accessible, you can order your hygiene essentials from Amazon.

List of Items

Masks & respiratorsClick On This Link
Hand wash & SanitizersClick On This Link
TissuesClick On This Link

3. Household supplies & personal care

You may not always find such things in the store next to you. Because in many places this kind of store is closed for Lockdown. Here you will find toilet cleaners, floor cleaners, detergents. And you will also find various Skincare essentials, Haircare essentials, and trimmers.

List of Items

Household cleaning essentialsClick On This Link
Laundry essentialsClick On This Link
Skin care essentialsClick On This Link
Hair care essentialsClick On This Link
Bath & shower essentialsClick On This Link
Feminine hygiene essentialsClick On This Link
TrimmersClick On This Link

4. Baby Essentials & Pet Supplies

Baby and Pet are an important part of our lives. While we can easily say what we need, they can’t say it easily. If you can’t find these essentials easily, you can take a look by clicking on the link below. Here you will find baby diapers, creams, oils.

List of Items

Diapers & wipes for your babyClick On this Link
Baby bath & skin care essentialsClick On this Link
Pet foodClick On this Link
Feeding supplies for your babyClick On this Link
Pet treats, grooming, accessories & moreClick On this Link

5. Health & fitness essentials

Do you go to the gym? Or do you need Horlicks, protein, and multivitamins? Then this section is for you. Here you will find all the things you need. You will also find Healthcare devices like Blood Pressure Monitor Devices, Thermometer, and many more Fitness essentials.

List of Items

Family nutrition productsClick On This Link
Healthcare devicesClick On This Link
Fitness essentialsClick On This Link
Professional medical suppliesClick On This Link

One Bonus Section

Here you will find Garbage disposal items, Pest Control Items, Kitchen essentials, Home Kitchen and Bathroom cleaning essentials, and various lights and bulbs. Let’s take a quick look at what you will get in this section

List of Items

Home, kitchen & bathroom cleaningClick on This Link
Garbage disposalClick on This Link
Kitchen essentialsClick on This Link
Bathroom essentialsClick on This Link
Pest controlClick on This Link
Lights & bulbsClick on This Link

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